The Shepherds Hut


Dirty Dozen

12 Fruit and Veg the most contaminated by pesticides according to the american non-profit Environment Watch Group. 1. Apples                            … Continue reading

The Days They Fill with Cooking and GF Vegan Cornbread.

Drying out Thyme. GF Vegan Corn Bread. 425g GM Free Polenta/Coarse Corn Meal 100g GF flour. 3 tsp baking powder. 3 tsp baking soda. 3 tbsp salt. 475 liquid (rice/coconut milk) 5 tbsp… Continue reading

Back-of-the-Cupboard Brunch.

So sometimes you just do not make it to the Market. This is a scary thought. Missing the one day to buy your organic veggies, does one cave and go to the supermarket… Continue reading

Work in Progress – Messing in the Kitchen.

Oatcakes. Makes 6. I cup fine GF oatmeal (you can whizz whole oats in a baby food processor/attempt hand blending. Alternatively use whole oats for chunky oatcakes) I small organic apple, washed and… Continue reading

Sesame Orange Biscuit

Serves 10 – 12. 300ml fresh orange juice, seived. 180ml unhulled tahini. 320 g GF flour mix 1 tbsp baking powder 1 tsp baking soda 1tsp apple cider orange zest (wash orange first… Continue reading

Bolognese! For Liers.

Bread. Who likes it? Go east of Russia and it becomes a rarity. Rice, closely followed by millet, is the carbohydrate supreme. Virtually everywhere else, bread is a key diet factor. Eastern european… Continue reading

Genuine Veggy Burgers – Parsnip and Apple Boxty.

This is a recipe inspired by a food challenge posed by two fellow floggers (geddit?) and a recipe shared by the head chef of my weekly saviour, the veggie restaurant Cornucopia. The challenge:… Continue reading

Turnip Mash, But Not Like Mum Used to Make It.

The daunting turnip. A less-popular root veg, favoured by irish mammies and canteens, most commonly found in a mash form. Never one to say no to a veg, I bought the bugger with… Continue reading