Happy Restaurants and Cafes

Firstly it depends who you’re with. Normally, as a scrappy, scruffy student you shouldn’t eat out often. If you get That Hungry Feeling you should peg in back to yours and feed yourself with all the food you bought doing A Shop.

However, sometimes a friendly relation/generous friend/lost fifty note turns up and when that happens, its nice to know where has options/eez tasty.

Cornucopia, Blazing Salads, Soup Dragon, Carluccio’s, Grub, Boojum, Panem, Queen of Tarts, Cafe Azteca, Toscana.


19/20 Wicklow St., Dublin 2.


Vegetarian, Many Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Sugar-Free and Vegan options.

Plates & Prices:

12e for a hot dish and two salads.

4.5e for two salads or around 7e for five salads.

3.75e for small soup and bread (wholewheat, spelt, gluten free).

Portion sizes are Very Generous.

2.5e Oat Bar or 4.75e Brownie (Highly Recommend, Get the Parent/Privileged Friend to Buy This For You.)


10% if you are a member of the Vegetarian Society (College unspecified so I’d try all).

15% student discount between 5pm and 7pm I think… Further research shall be done.


Blazing Salads

42 Drury Street, Dublin 2.


Absolutely Delish Vegetarian, with GF, DF, SF Baking and Vegan options

Prices & Plates:

Great for on the run Salad Bar and Hot Food Bar, priced by weight.

Possible to get a filling salad for 3.5e so long as you avoid the heavy hummus and potato salad.

Allergy-friendly soups and cakes.

Seller of ‘natasha’slivingfood’ goods. (more on that later)


Soup Dragon

168 Capel St., Dublin 1



I looked up soup dragon and this was the first image that I found. Slightly terrifying yet slightly brilliant, with absolutely no relevance to the Soup Dragon I am recommending, it needed to be shared.



(Credit to Totally Dublin)

For a wee 3e you can get a Take-Away Soup of choice with a piece of bread/rice cake, butter and an apple or orange. GOODNESS. SUCH VALUE.

It’s worth the trek to Capel Street, promise.

However, If you choose to sit down the soup and the prices get a little fancy so be careful.

Also 2e Take-Away Coffes. Can’t vouch for them as I don’t drink coffee but if they’re anything like the soups they’re damn tasty.


Queen of Tarts

Cows Lane,

Dame St.,Dublin 2.


Queen of Tarts is a cosy, heart-warming cake shop that thankfully has GF options.

A different GF cake every day plus home-made macaroons on the weekend.

  • Macaroons are around 70c/1e
  • Cakes between 3e and 4.5e

Also have GF bread to go with the tasty meals they serve.



52 Dawson Street, Dublin 2

Tel: +353 (0) 1 633 3957


This is a funny one. It’s like a trick. An Italian restaurant should be the last place a person on a Gluten-Free diet should go. But wait. Gluten-Free menu, you say? Amaretti made from almonds? Tell me more…

Granted, this is a genuine restaurant with genuine restaurant prices. No scrappy, scruffy student behavior here. That’s not to say it isn’t tasty.

  • Antipasto prices range from 6.75e to 15.5e (a two-person plate)
  • Salads between 9.65e and 10.45e
  • (corn) Pasta between 8.45e and 14.45e
  • Sides between 3.45 and 4.45e.

When I went there (with my lovely, footing-the-bill Dad) I had the frutti del mare pasta. The corn pasta was a little dry but the seafood was juicy and full of garlic. Sadly this menu caters for GF but not DF.


Cafe Azteca

19-22 Lord Edward St., Dublin 2

Tel: +353 (0) 1 670 9476


Vegetarian, GF, DF, Yeast Free options.

Prices & Plates:

  • Main Course: 4.3e (soup) to 15.5e (enchiladas de mole)
  • Burritos: 7e / 7.5e (can be made with GF corn flour tortillas)
  • Side Portions: rice / refried beans 1.8e

Quote from website: “Corn flour is gluten-free, giving ceoliacs something to cheer about. Azteca is the biggest importer of mexican cornflour in Ireland at the moment.”

Another fun fact about this gem is they sell 60 GF DF corn tortillas for 8e.

As an aside, corn was one of the first GM crops, along with soya beans, to be mass produced in the USA. Currently in the USA there is no leagal requirements to label foods as containing GM so always be sure of the source of your soya milk / corn tortillas.



Millenium Walkway, Dublin

01 872 9499


Student deal:

  • Burrito-less burrito for a fiver
  • Hard tacos (corn-based)  – 3 for a fiver



Halfpenny Bridge House, 21 Lower Ormond Quay,

01 8728510


  • GF biscotti (almond), Macaroon (coconut), cheesecake, dark-chocolate-drenched brazil nuts and almond and orange cake.

Probably the best biscotti I have tried in a long time. Cheap. Friendly. Authentic Italian baking with very good coffee.



Georges Street, Dublin.

I can’t find this new place online because it has those fancy snakebites over the ‘u’ to make it too cool.

  • Between 2.90€ and 4.95€ for a sandwich (can be done on GF bread. This is not DF)
  • Soups between 2.90 and 3.95 all GF and DF
  • 4.95€ noodles can be rice noodles.
  • GF cookies also available

I was given a GF bagel to sample so I decided to ignore the little bit of dairy and ate it toasted with roasted winter squash, a lick of tahini, spinach leafs and some rapeseed oil. Very good bagel.

Quick, cheap and GF/DF happy.



3 Cork Hill,Dame Street, Dublin

01 670 9785, www.toscanarestaurant.ie

A great solution to the problem of Italian on a GF DF diet.

  • virtually every pasta dish can be made with Gf corn pasta.
  • They use polenta croutons (yum)
  • Prices: 5€ – 9€ starters, 10€ – 18€ mains.