All Things Free

I have been off all wheat products for about two and a half years now. No longer do I crave that hot, buttery croissant or fluffy bread with a crunchy crust. In fact, the thought of eating a full plate of spagetti makes me sick. So it was like trying something for the first time when I bit into Amisa’s Gluten-Free Pizza Base. It was airy. It was light yet crunchy. It absorbed stuff! I could use it to wipe my plate clean! This was revolutionary. A Gluten-Free bread that isn’t as hard as nails or crumble in your hand. So I cooked one with olive oil, green pesto, red peppers, chunks of feta (goats cheese) and rocket. Then I cooked another with just olive oil, salt and pepper, basil and thyme. Too tasty.

NOTE: While being Dairy and Gluten Free, the Pizza Base does contain Yeast and Raw Cane Sugar.

Where can you buy this tasty treat and how much is it?

I bought mine for 5.85e in Wicklow Town. Two bases come in one packet and they are perfect for freezing.


Swan Centre,
Dublin,                                                                                                                              Ireland.
Tel: (01) 496 0399

The Organic Supermarket
2c Main Street,                                                                                                           Blackrock,
Co Dublin,
Tel: (01) 2781111


16 Wicklow Street,
Dublin 2,                                                                                                                          Ireland.                                                                                                                                 Tel . (01) 670 3223


These guys are pretty sweet as well. They do a couple of tasty pasta alternatives such as buckwheat, corn and rice Spirals or quinoa and rice Penne. I’ve tried their GF Honey Bee Pops breakfast cereal and it’s certainly poppin’.

NOTE: I eat my cereal with rice milk but you can also try coconut or almond milk as a Dairy milk alternatiive.

They stock in Tesco, Dunnes or Holland & Barret.