The Taste of Southern Sun

Wanderings have occured. Paths have been crossed. Friendships have been forged and fires have been made. The heat has dripped down our backs, danced on our cheeks and left kisses on our shoulders.

I introduce a cookie.                                                                            This is a cookie that has no plan. A cookie that does not know where it will sleep so decides to go to the beach. A cookie that canoes upstream through a cloud of dragonflies.  A cookie that glides along boardwalks, backflips over waves and showers under a hose. A cookie that knows what song to play too loud in the car. And of course, this cookie will know all the words but let you sing the loudest. A cookie that will draw on your arm and kiss you without asking. A summer-days cookie, a cookie of early mornings and long evenings, high skies and a cricket chorus.

The ‘Ou Allons-Nous’ Cookie.

-Reine Claude Plums, Dark Chocolate, Caramelised Almonds and Cinnamon.

80g huile d’olive

80g sucre roux (plus 2 tbspn)

2 oeufs

120g farine de sarrasin

140g farine de riz

7 prune reine claude

80g of 70 per cent dark chocolate

200g milk chocolate with caramelised almonds

(we got fancy)

1 and a half tspn of baking powder

handful of cinnamon

Back to english…

Method: same as before –

Preheat the oven at 180 degrees celcius.

Put the eggs, oil and sugar into a bowl and whisk for 5 mins with an electric whisk. Once well-mixed, add both flours and the baking soda. Slowly stir with wooden spoon, avoiding making the mixture lumpy.
Fill a pot a quarter full of water and cane sugar. Bring to boil but do not burn.
Add 5 medium plums to the the pot once the mixture is boiling. The water should half-cover the plums. Add a generous helping of cinnamon. Turn down heat and put a lid on it to keep in the steam. Leave like this until the skin begins to peel off the plums.

Remove from heat. Using knife and fork, remove all seeds and as much skin as you can without burning your fingers. Filter cooking liquid into same bowl as the plums. Add plums and sugary liquid to the main mixture and stir until combined. If the mixture falls off the spoon too easily do not be afraid to add more rice flour.

Chop the dark chocolate finely and add straight away. As you stir it in it should partially melt because of the heat of the sugary liquid. Chop the milk chocolate in medium chunks and add when the mixture has cooled.

Butter a baking tray and spoon out cookie sizes to your preference. Cook for 20 mins.

End result should be crunchy on the outside and softer on the inside.

 To be eaten with tea and songs.

Before eating you must tell a joke.