Mid-week Morning Uglies

Another recipe appearing out of thin air due to the passing of time and the inevitable turning of fruit. I’m actually growing quite found of nearly bad fruit as the softer they get, the more natural sugars they produce, thus allowing me to cut down on the amount of raw cane sugar used.

Since I technically can’t eat bananas, I was less strict with this recipe and used spelt and oats, both questionable flours if you are gluten intolerant, highly risky if you are a celiac. Similarly, there was a lack of olive oil so I had to settle for melted vegetable margarine.

For diabetics, however, I’d like to think this is a happy recipe to try.

I say Morning Uglies because these little guys would be nice in the morning with some natural goats yoghurt as they are not too sweet and because they are lumpy and light brown in colour (ugly but lovable).

Hopefully they will brighten up your morning uglies.

Morning Uglies

Banana, Fig, Peach and Oats.

150g spelt

50g oat flour

5 girl fistfuls of whole oats (3 large male fistfuls? I feel I will have to try this recipe again so I can verify quantities)

3 small ripe peaches

3 small ripe figs

2 eggs

35g cane sugar

3 teaspoons of baking powder

80g vegetable margarine

4 very very ripe to the point of black bananas

Scientific Procedure

Preheat the oven to 180°C or gas 4.

Measure out the flours, whole oats and baking powder. Add all to one bowl.

In a small pot, melt the margarine over a low flame. Do not allow bubbles. Mix the margarine and the two eggs with the cane sugar in another bowl for 5 mins using an electric whisker.

In a seperate pot, bring water to boil with a handful of sugar (fill the pot a quarter full). Removing the pip, cut the peaches into small pieces. Remove the insides of the figs. Add the insides and the pieces of peach to the boiling wtaer and let simmer for ten minutes. Do Not Burn.

While that is simmering, add the wet mixture to the dry mixture gradually, stirring constantly to avoid lumps.

In a third bowl, peel and mash the bananas.

Once the peach/fig fun is ready, add the mashed bananas and peaches and figs to the now-combined mixture. There should be close to no water to add from the peach and fig pot.

Butter a baking tray.

Spoon out mixture into even lumps (so pretty).

Cook between 30 and 40 mins.

As I slready stated, this is a recipe in it’s infancy. Future incarnations may feature a reduction in bananas and an increse in oats.

Enjoy these unassuming treats with goat’s yoghurt or toasted with a smear of salted butter.