Hummus in all its glory

So Hummus / Hommus / Hummous ..

Wonderfood. Cheap. Tasty. Really Good Source of Protein. Filling. Only negative is it’s not Instant Food but it takes so long that you forget about it and time is reversed and Wow! It’s actually really quick. (see Hummus Mind Games.)

I don’t have a standard recipe for Hummus. I know all the basic ingredients and so tend to wing it on taste every time, making it more lemony or spicy depending on mood and accompaniament.

ALSO. Hummus is not solely linked to chickpeas. Students, hello. Often there is odd things in the back of cupboards that one forgets. You’ll find them one day and spend ten minutes staring at them because your thoughts are slow and hungover and you are having trouble remembering even the name of these things in your possibly shakey hand. If that name you are strenuously searching for is ‘Red Kidney Beans’, ‘Broad Beans’, ‘Pinto Beans’ or ‘Black Beans’, it is a happy day for you because now it has become a day where you can eat Wonder Hummus.

Wonder Hummus.

So wonderful it don’t need no measurements.

Chickpeas/Any Bean Ever


Cayenne Pepper / Paprika / Black Pepper

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Lemon / Cide Vinegar


Fresh coriander/parsley, chopped (Optional. Studentz4lyf)

O.k. So Rough Guidlines. Soak the beans/chickpeas over-night in cold water. Drain and rinse with cold water. Different beans have different cooking times. Red Kidney take an hour and a half on med-high heat covered in water. When they start to split they are cooked.

Drain. Put in dry bowl. Add a tsp / tbsp of tahini, lemon/cider vinegar and a slug of olive oil. Using a soup blender (or pestle and morter if you are hardcore and like chunky hummus) to blend mixture. Add finely chopped garlic and spice to taste. Blend again. Salt and Pepper.

Hummus is a personal preference thing. Go forth. Do Your Thang. I give you my blessing.

CHEAT CODE: Tinned Chickpeas / Beans in the Asian Supermarkets, especially the one on Mary Street. Less then a euro and priceless in time saving.