Genuine Veggy Burgers – Parsnip and Apple Boxty.

This is a recipe inspired by a food challenge posed by two fellow floggers (geddit?) and a recipe shared by the head chef of my weekly saviour, the veggie restaurant Cornucopia. The challenge: cook summit tasty with Parsnip.

Grating. Grating is so in right now. I recently remembered that you can grate things and have since been asking with every meal, yeh it’s nice, but what would it be like grated? (Answer: Great)

I volunteered this Saturday at Dublin’s first Feeding the 5000 event, an event aimed at highlighting the massive food wastage in Ireland by attempting to feed 5,000 hungry mouths  for free on veggies donated by the farmer because she/he couldn’t sell the funny-lookin’ buggers to the hyper-aesthetic supermarkets. Produce should be about content not form. It was lots of fun, I hung out with the Ebay Green team and friendly americans, ate too much dahl and attended some cookery demonstrations. One of which was given by Tony Keogh, head chef of Cornucopia. It was about using up left-overs and Boxty was one of his suggested recipes. The word Boxty is an anglicised version of an irish word meaning ‘poor man’s bread’ and is usually made with grated raw potatoes or left-over mash because the one constant you can be sure of finding in an irish kitchen is, and always has been (except for that fairly awkward period mid-1700’s), potatoes.

HOWEVER, that is all going to change. Today, right here, right now, you will witness the Revolution of the Boxty. A momentous occasion with a hopefully tasty outcome. I am using seasonal veggies all grown in Ireland, bought in the Saturday Market for cheepz.


300g parsnip, peeled and grated (1 1/2 large parsnip)

100g grated cox pippen apple (skin on)

60g millet flour

40g rapeseed / olive oil


            leftover / aging greens (I used winter leaves: kale, chard, a bit of sorrel, parsley and half a small leek)




Wash Hands! Tie up hair! Good.

Grate the parsnip and apple and put both in a bowl with a hefty pinch of salt. Mix together with hands and set aside.

Experimenting between a rice flour and millet flour mixture.

Chop greens, measure out oil and flour and add to grated parsnip and apple. Mix until fully incorporated. Add a tablespoon of powdered nutmeg and half a tablespoon of powdered cumin. Heat oil in a pan until sizzling (test with a piece of parsnip peel.)

The little boxties are taking deep breaths so they don’t suffer from stage-fright in the pan. They’re going to be hot-stuff.

Make a ball of a handful of the mixture that fits in your palm, flatten it out to be thinner then the top section of your little finger (accurate measurement?). Once the oil is sizzling, turn it down to medium heat and add two boxties. Cook for 5 mins on both sides, flip with a wide ‘flipper’, flipping contraption, whatever you have handy so long as it has a wide surface area. When cooked, remove from pan and leave on a plate covered with paper towel to soak excess oil and let cool a bit.

The Final Product. I make no claims that this is a photography blog. The food ain’t photoshopped but it sure tastes good. I find eating with your eyes is never as satisfying as with your stomach.

Success! Or as much as it is with my wanderings in the dark corners of recipes unknown. I would advise eating these cuties hot with red union relish. I am not sure how well they last as I have to admit to eating them as they came out of the pan. Slightly odd breakfast but hey. The apple and nutmeg makes them an interesting blend of sweet and savoury. A Boxty Breakfast that uses up leftovers and droopy veg.