***Resolutions for 2013***

  1.  Foraging. Make birch sap wine. Pickle ash keys. Research foraging areas in Dublin (Phoenix park, Cherrywood, Howth Head).
  2. Plant a sweet chestnut tree.
  3. Continue to support local producers in the Dublin area especially shops under threat of extinction by supermarkets such as butchers, fishmongers and grocers.
  4. Eat Seasonally (learn produce by season) and GIY. Turn my inner-city roof into a little eden / jungle. Distract pigeons with a bird feeder.
  5. Cook with off-cuts of meat such as heart and liver.
  6. Promote Gluten, Dairy and Sugar Free produce in shops and restaurants. Ask for alternatives to bread, not a bread alternative.
  7. Start a ‘Real Food’ initiative amongst my age group. Encourage taking back the responsibility of adequately feeding yourself, through nutritional awareness, basic cooking skills and shopping savvy. ‘Re-nutritionalise’ the college kids.
  8. Start a skill share.
  9. Travel.