Back-of-the-Cupboard Brunch.


So sometimes you just do not make it to the Market. This is a scary thought. Missing the one day to buy your organic veggies, does one cave and go to the supermarket or try and make do with what you have and see how long you last?

I tried the latter and had an interesting week. There were, however, some gems like the pretty plate above.

It is quite hard to say exactly how this came about. A mixture of necessity and invention, it may be doomed to be a one-of-a-kind.

What is it? Tumeric buckwheat, sprouted mung beans, spiced broccoli and red cabbage with wild garlic and a boiled egg!

The broccoli and cabbage was tasty so I might elaborate on that.

Garlic, Whole Cumin, Whole Mustard Seeds, Ground Coriander, One broccoli stalk, quarter red cabbage, 50g wild garlic leaves (good handful – spinach would work just as well), apple cider vinegar.

Mix it up, mess around and see what happens. When all the ingredients are vibrant and whole, the end result tends to be enjoyable regardless of culinary meddling!