Who does she think she is?

About 4 years ago, after a summer-long cold and naps that were never ending,  I was told “Hey you! Yeh You! No more Western Diet for you!”

Those are the exact words that came out of the specialist’s mouth. What is meant by ‘Western Diet’?

A Diet that is primarily based on




That means no:

  • cow’s milk, ice-cream, cream, cow’s cheese, milk-shakes, milk chocolate, butter.
  • wheat pasta, wheat flour, bread, pizza, cakes, barley, rye, soy sauce, general wholesale oats, barley malt, most beers.
  •  white sugar (is the devil), brown sugar, golden syrup.

Hearing this as a soon-to-be first year college student my mind was thrown. No sandwiches? No quick-and-easy pasta? No 4-in-the-morning greasy oozing pizza?? I am going to starve.

After a rickety adaption period which featured a lot of koka noodles (I refused to check the ingredients list. Denial is tasty), I realised that it would probably be best for all involved if I started to investigate what was out there to be eaten and how to cook it.



What I found: 

  • Health food shops are expensive.
  • In general Students don’t know sh*t about cooking or nutrition.
  • In general Students are lazy.
  • Store-bought manufactured GF products do not taste nice.
  • With a rigid college schedule I need to be able to cook something within half an hour max.
  • I am only willing to spend thirty euros a week on food.
  • I like food. I like feeling my best. The Western Diet (industrialised, high quantity low quality, high starch, glucose, protein) is the only diet to which the human body has not and will not adapt.

The Point

Freefrom cooking that is tasty, quick, easy and student-budget friendly.

I am having fun trying. Often I slip up and pay for it the next morning. Perhaps the more aware and competent we become in Freefrom/dom Cooking the less we will have to live with half the energy available to us.

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